Mr. Webster

This is my Curriculum Vitae and  personal thoughts on education. Two blogs that I like to follow are those of David Kinane and Greg Whitby both with great insite into 21st Century Education.

David Kinane and I worked together both at Howick Intermediate and Meadowbank Primary. He is fantastic for coming up with new and innovative ideas for implementing ICT into the classroom. I got to crash test his ideas in the classroom and working with him was always fun. We did some amazing things together with my students. If you are looking for what is the latest and the best this is the one place to look as he would have sorted the wood from the trees.

Greg I met recently and his blog is a must for educational leaders. He is thought provoking and his insights into where 21st century education is going and how school leaders can provide that direction is well covered by his blog.

It also provides a portal to my students work. The Writearoundtheworld blog was created by my students at Meadowbank as a venue to post their writing for comment and editing by their peers and family as well as myself. My ‘reluctant’ writers blossomed with having a real audience for their work. We also set up a buddy class in Canada and this also provided great motivation for students in both classes.

Students had their own blogs as well where they posted work as a digital portfolio. Parents in particular enjoyed the window into the classroom and being able to see what their child was doing on a daily basis.

Watch the video below to get an idea of how I throw myself into my work. This was in Taupo in 1996…I was much younger, much braver and much, much thinner.